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Updated: May 19, 2021

Building the Opportunity Pipeline in STEM

Athena and the All Girls STEM Society (AGSS) unveil their new partnership to provide Athena’s STEM mentors that inspire, educate and encourage AGSS students to academically and professionally pursue their STEM ambitions. AGSS is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that strives to end the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields by encouraging future generations early in their educational journey. The AGSS is staffed by high school students in San Diego County that provide monthly events and workshops to support and inspire young girls in grades 3-8. These students access workshops ranging from Python Programming, Robotics, and Probability in an encouraging and fun environment. “Research shows girls gain interest in STEM subjects around 11 years of age and lose interest by age 15," said Holly Smithson, Athena CEO. “Conforming to social expectations, gender stereotypes, and a lack of role models all continue to redirect girls' career choices away from STEM fields,” Smithson continued.

This alliance is designed to sustain the interests of these young students well beyond middle school and expose them to more career opportunities earlier in life through these mentors.

"All of us at the All Girls STEM Society are so proud to team up with Athena to encourage the next generation of girls in STEM through this Magic of Mentorship program," said Amanda Tran and Emma Hong, Co-Presidents of AGSS. "We can't wait for our young girls to learn from these inspiring mentors and further strengthen their resolve, despite the underrepresentation."

Athena’s member community serves a dynamic cohort of professionals in its mission to advance 1 million women leading in STEM by 2030. Together, this partnership will showcase the magic of mentorship and help foster young girls’ confidence that they belong and can succeed in a STEM career. CLICK HERE to meet the aspiring STEM students and Athena's mentors eager to encourage and inspire them to stay the course and present STEM careers differently. This partnership is powered by our friends and partners at the Thomas Ackerman Foundation.


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