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Athena Unveils 'Athena Global Access' Campaign Honoring International Women’s Day

Updated: Mar 11

Athena, a premier women’s advocacy organization that transforms STEM women into corporate leaders, marks International Women's Day by unveiling its new worldwide initiative, 'Athena Global Access.' 

In honor of this special occasion, we take pride in furthering the remarkable achievements and contributions of women leaders across Athena’s global community. By launching its 'Athena Global Access’ campaign, Athena deepens its impact in its mission to advance women leaders working in STEM fields, on a global scale. 


“In a world where inclusion and diversity are paramount to innovation and sustainability, Athena CEO, Holly Smithson said. "Athena’s Global Access campaign offers a far-reaching invitation to women and their allies, regardless of background or geography, to pursue opportunities and flourish in their contributions to innovation. Athena’s educational and leadership content is generated by STEM women and male allies designed to tackle the most prevalent workforce challenges. Anchored in California's global STEM HUB for 25+ years, Athena is privileged to lead this movement to accelerate innovation by promoting gender equality.”


Demonstrating their investment to advance gender equity, cultivate leaders, expand networks, and ignite corporate growth, Qualcomm, RippleNami, Caelum Resources and San Diego State University join as founding Athena Global Access partners.


“By offering on-demand, enterprise-wide access to Athena’s curated leadership content for corporate partners like RippleNami and individuals worldwide, we build much needed capacity to elevate women leaders solving for global challenges like climate change,” said Jaye Connolly, Chairman and CEO of RippleNami. 


As Athena expands its digital platform of curated leadership content, we catalyze a future of STEM where countless women and male allies now have access to education, advocacy and a global network to sculpt the equitable world we all deserve.


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