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Athena is a women's advocacy organization that fast-tracks women in STEM through leadership development.  In transforming women into corporate leaders, the goal is to widen the bridge to empower ONE MILLION WOMEN LEADING IN STEM BY 2030. Its 25-year history of advancing women in one of the nation's leading STEM hubs marks Athena as a premier women's empowerment advocate.​



  • Support Athena’s mission to advance more professional women in STEM 

  • Gain visibility inside Athena’s business network through its 6,500+ STEM stakeholder and member portfolio 

  • Advance your STEM career goals through 50+ local and state leadership development programs

  • Drive your business development strategy through cross-sector networking and mentoring initiatives

  • Elevate your leadership brand and become eligible to serve on one of Athena’s committees that promote confidence, career, and community 

  • Join Athena and the United Nations Global Compact to achieve workforce gender equality 

  • Gain access to women in STEM benchmarking reports and white papers

  • Keep informed with weekly newsletters, social media campaigns, vlogs, blogs, and market research publications

  • Give back where it counts through mentoring



  • Join 50+ Annual Leadership Development programs to accelerate your career journey 

  • Access networking opportunities through Athena’s 1000+ member portfolio to advance your business and career goals 

  • Join one of Athena’s 8 Program Committees to deepen your collaboration skills and elevate your profile 

  • Join a FEW Group to access your personal board of directors and peer-to-peer mentoring group 

  • Become a speaker at Athena events and conferences to drive up your confidence and community

  • Publish your profile on Athena’s Speakers Directory to market your public speaking interests and thought leadership

  • Access Athena’s Blueprint for Success Podcast to draw inspiration from the stories of successful STEM leaders 

  • Gain access to the Athenaeum and watch the on-demand leadership program that you missed or wish to experience again

  • Explore Athena’s STEM Jobs Board to source a wide range of STEM career opportunities 


Athena’s annual membership offers two categories for those working in the STEM sector:

For eligibility questions, contact

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