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The Athena Academy offers companies multi-part workshops that provide training and tools for women in STEM and their male allies.

The Athena Academy supports the transition for STEM professionals that realize career advancement requires much more than academic knowledge obtained through higher learning institutions. It requires self-awareness and an investment of time to identify and acquire key professional skills essential to advancing your leadership development.

Working Together

Access practical tools and strategies to close the gap between your employees' progress and their potential...

Business People

Athena Academy's Conflict Shift Lab is designed to produce conflict-competent leaders, teams and cultures....

Team Meeting

Active allyship begins by understanding the imbalances in opportunity for women across corporate cultures while working to correct...

“It was an honor to complete the Athena Academy.  It gave us many insights on things we knew, but didn't realize their bigger impacts. This helped me become a better, stronger person. I already used the principles and reached out to my VP and am now moving to a team I want to work with, next month! I hadn't even set my goal this high through the program. Thank you for making that difference!"

Padmini Raghupathi Mendiratta, Automation Lead | Qualcomm

If your company is interested in the continued development of women in STEM through the Athena Leadership Academy, contact Holly Smithson at

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