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Athena Making Headlines

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Athena is making moves – advocating, celebrating, transforming and leading – and people are taking notice as demonstrated by a flood of recent press coverage.

A recent Voice of San Diego article, Helping San Diego’s STEM Economy Become a Destination For Diversity, highlights how Athena’s efforts to help businesses in the community and beyond achieve gender equality – and at scale – positions San Diego as the “diversity” STEM gold standard for other cities to replicate.

Our 2019 Pinnacle Award and scholarship winners were the centerpiece of a May article in San Diego Magazine. "This year's reimagined Pinnacle production placed a greater emphasis on showcasing these leaders in diversity and inclusion," the article reads. "A staple of Southern California's technology and life sciences sectors, these Pinnacle Awards showcase the best in class of those advancing the promotion of women leading in STEM."

Athena's May 30 "Taking AI and ML from Concept to Application program" garnered some great coverage as well. A detailed overview of the event was featured on MOFO Life Sciences, a Morrison Foerster blog. "This program showcased Athena’s continuing mission to empower women scientists and technologists to be leaders of the future," author Amanda Elisabeth Casale wrote. "Designed to be a continuation of last year’s event, which introduced AI and ML, this year’s program explored some real-world applications of this groundbreaking technology."


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