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Athena to Unveil 2023 "Women in STEM Workforce" Index in Partnership with BCG

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The biennial report illustrates the state of the US and San Diego STEM workforce.

On October 26, our STEM community is convening to celebrate Athena’s 25 year milestone of advancing women in STEM and advocating for gender equality.

Athena's 25th Anniversary Gala and 3rd Annual Lifting While Climbing Summit (LWC) will showcase STEM executives leading the workforce evolution, a world champion and advocate for women's rights in sports and a new research product launch.

BCG and Athena partnered to publish this 2023 Women in STEM Workforce Index as we drive the national dialogue on women in STEM and bring transparency and accountability to our community.

The biennial report illustrates the state of the US and San Diego STEM workforce, the work that lies ahead to close the gender gap, and the corporate intervention strategies necessary to reap the business rewards of gender diversity.

“Engaging in the DEI journey and advancing women is a business imperative that’s driving innovation and unlocking market performance, while those clinging to the status quo experience excessive costs associated with failure to retain and recruit diverse talent,” BCG said in its executive summary of the report.

“As we plant the seeds of our future STEM workforce, this Summit is sharing the DEI code and actionable workforce solutions from those reaping the regenerative powers between diversity, innovation, and market competitiveness,” said Athena CEO Holly Smithson.


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