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Athena Announces Lifting While Climbing Summit & Pinnacle Awards | 6.30.21

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Our Annual Lifting While Climbing (LWC) Summit was born out of Athena's Women in STEM Workforce 2020 Index that reveals STEM companies continue to struggle in achieving their equitable workforce goals with only 1 in 4 STEM job held by women. We know that stronger leadership, culture and commitment are paramount in this march towards correcting these pervasive inequities at scale. We join hands under the LWC banner to lift up those companies eager to access proven, enterprise-wide equitable action plans that ultimately attract diverse customers, markets, ideas and talent.

This Summit also features Athena’s 23rd Annual Pinnacle Awards for the individuals and companies that demonstrate a commitment to lifting others while climbing. This long-standing tradition honors "best in class" examples of those excelling in the recognition, promotion, and mentorship of women in STEM.

As the voice of women in STEM, Athena is committed to convening the brightest minds from the most forward-thinking global STEM companies who will openly share data-driven approaches and operational strategies to scale an equitable workforce and win the battle for talent and customers. This big picture conversation will identify and prioritize the DE&I interventions around cultural challenges, policy gaps and behavioral barriers central to advancing gender equality and inclusive cultures. These proceedings will be published in The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Playbook capturing the data-driven best practices for STEM companies, available on July 12. ACCESS EARLY BIRD TICKET PRICES!


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