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Partnership Opportunities


Accessing Women's Leadership Development | Driving Employee Engagement

Exploring Diverse Talent Pipeline | Demonstrating Social Impact

More and more companies are witnessing those organizations with more women on their boards and in leadership positions are outperforming those without. Athena corporate partners are companies that seek to modernize their workforce by investing in leadership opportunities for their female leaders. Whether it's a local start-up or a Fortune 500 company, partnering with Athena provides your workforce with direct access to a reputable community of professional women and a rich history of transforming scientists and technologists into corporate leaders. Based inside a global STEM hub, Athena serves as the professional lifeline for those ready to discover and deploy proven leadership strategies, practical career tactics, and personal development gains.

  • Support Athena’s mission to empower more professional women leading in STEM. 

  • Gain visibility inside Athena’s business network through its 6,500+ STEM stakeholder and member portfolio. 

  • Advance your STEM career goals through 50+ local and state leadership development programs.

  • Drive your business development strategy through cross-sector networking and mentoring initiatives.

  • Elevate your leadership brand and become eligible to serve on one of Athena’s committees that promote confidence, career, and community. 

  • Join Athena and the United Nations Global Compact to achieve workforce gender equality. 

  • Gain access to women in STEM benchmarking reports and white papers. 

  • Keep informed with weekly newsletters, social media campaigns, vlogs, blogs, and market research publications.

  • Give back where it counts through mentoring.




Access Athena's convening power of STEM leaders to generate new business.

Showcase your company's thought leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion. 


Athena offers event sponsorship opportunities for its 50 annual programs that provide companies with 1) Market Access 2) Buyer Engagement 3) Digital Reach and 4) Community Impact. Here is a sample of the leadership programs we offer:

  • Signature Series is one of the most popular leadership programs spanning workforce challenges and solutions across all STEM sectors. This thought-provoking program Series provides success strategies by CEOs, domain experts and entrepreneurs.  

  • Athena’s Influential affinity (SIG) committees produce a combined 10-12 annual programs each focusing on sector-specific hot topics and industry trends.

  •  Athena's Annual Lifting While Climbing Summit convenes 500+ business leaders, industry influencers and STEM stakeholders to celebrate the STEM leaders of today and tomorrow.  

  • Athena’s MentorFest program utilizes a speed-networking style format featuring curated mentors and mentees, creating an intimate avenue for engagement and learning.

  • Athena’s coveted CEO/CFO/CXO Forums are intimate dinners designed to introduce and bolster this distinguished community of C-suite peers in the STEM ecosystem. 


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