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Athena Announces Olympian, World Champion Kaillie Humphries as Keynote Speaker at Annual LWC Summit

Welcome Kaillie Humphries, 5X World Champion, and 3X Olympic Gold Medalist

Athena is honored to announce Kaillie Humphries, the world’s most decorated female bobsledder, as its keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Lifting While Climbing Summit & 25th Anniversary on October 26 in San Diego, California.

“Kaillie embodies the indomitable Athena spirit in her unstoppable quest for greatness in the face of systemic gender barriers,” Athena CEO Holly Smithson said. “She destroys world records and dismantles gender barriers, all while championing equity on the world stage. She embraces these formidable challenges in the same manner she does in the sport of bobsledding - with an unrelenting focus.”

Kaillie is an iconic figure in the world of sports, and her climb to the top is breathtaking. She's not only an Olympic Gold Medalist, she is an Olympic legend by representing both the United States and Canada. With 3 Olympic Gold medals and 5 World Championship titles in women's bobsled, Kaillie proves nothing is out of reach. She holds the distinction as the world’s most decorated female bobsledder and the only woman in Olympic history to capture the Gold for two different countries.

Making her mark in 2010, Kaillie won her first Gold medal as part of Team Canada in Vancouver. She went on to defend her Olympic title in 2014, making her the first female bobsled pilot in the sport's history.

In 2015, Kaillie blazed another new trail by becoming one of the pioneering women to pilot a 4-man team in World Cup competitions, a realm previously reserved for men only. She further shattered barriers that season by becoming the sole female to helm a 4-man crew at the highest echelons in World Championships. Kaillie assembled the world's only all-female 4-man crew on the World Cup circuit, going head-to-head against men and showcasing her exceptional driving prowess while inspiring women worldwide to chase their dreams, regardless of gender norms.

In 2019, after a remarkable 16-year career with Bobsled Canada, Kaillie made the courageous decision to represent the United States after experiencing years of abuse, harassment, and a toxic work environment across the Canadian program. Her determination knew no bounds as she went on to achieve a historic feat—sweeping the women's 2-man and monobob events at the 2021 World Championships and becoming the first female ever to secure a double World Title.

Marking her 5th Olympic appearance, Kaillie was named to the US Olympic Team in 2022, two months after becoming a US citizen. With her sights on competing in the 2026 Olympics in Italy, Kaillie will now add the Athena community to her global following.

This iconic leadership journey serves as a reminder of how potent the human spirit is when converting adversity into greatness. Secure your seat to witness this profound story of a woman who refused to quit


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