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Athena Graduates Second Cohort of Board Certified Women in STEM

On March 10, Athena graduated its second cohort of Athena on Boards Series. These 15 STEM executives completed this 3-Part Series over a 5-month period that informed board selection and placement strategies, assigned dedicated mentoring groups led by seasoned female directors for accountability and plan execution, a roster of CA board opportunities and exposure to VC firms and boardroom recruiting firms as a way to activate these integral networks. We thank Cooley Partners, Charity Williams and Karen Deschaine for hosting both Series and for leading the program’s legal segment.

Several market events continue to generate strong demand for women on boards: 1) Goldman Sachs just announced at the World Economic Forum that they will not take any company public without women on their boards; 2) California public companies are now looking ahead to comply with the second leg of the law -SB 826. By the end of next year, it calls for California-based companies to have at least two female directors on five-member boards, and at least three female directors on boards with six or more members and, 3) CA Sec of State just released its March 2020 compliance report of those companies subject to SB 826. 330 of the 653 impacted companies filed a statement and 282 self-reported compliance with the law.

Athena On Boards 3-Part Series – which launches its third cohort this Fall – effectively prepares boardroom candidates, helps customize their plan of attack and strategically markets the corporate profiles of these board-ready candidates.

"As the voice of women in STEM, Athena offers a deep bench of executive women ready to help companies modernize their boardroom and drive performance," Athena CEO Holly Smithson said. "The Athena On Boards Cohort I & II represent a talented pipeline primed for board placement in both companies and non-profits, alike."

Click Here to see the graduates of Cohort 3.

Contact Athena CEO Holly Smithsonto get on the wait list for our third cohort and launch your board search with Athena’s On Board Series.


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