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Athena and AboveBoard Launch Partnership to Merge Exclusive Board Opportunities With Female Board

[San Diego, CA]: Athena – California’s premier advocate for professional women in STEM - announces a new partnership with AboveBoard—a first-of-it’s-kind platform for executive hiring. This collaboration bridges the gender gap between board and executive-level openings and the diverse talent pipeline across Athena’s on Board Series alumni and its Members-at-large.

All interested Athena Members and board-ready candidates may join AboveBoard at

“We’re excited to partner with Athena and extend access to 500+ board and executive opportunities across their STEM community,” says Lucinda Duncalfe, Founder & CEO at AboveBoard. “Enabling greater accessibility and transparency to these exclusive vacancies allows Athena members to gain access based on what they know rather than who they know.”

“While a staggering 300,000+ women exited the labor force in September, this alliance aims to counter this “She-cession” by uniting companies intent on upgrading their boardrooms and beyond with qualified female STEM talent,” said Holly Smithson, Athena CEO.

Athena offers its Athena On Boards Series as a 5-month workshop that prepares women with their boardroom placement strategies. Central to the program’s success is the assignment to a smaller cohort of 4-6 women and led by an executive female mentor that helps mentees:

  • Design your board bio that captures your governance capabilities and value-add for targeted companies;

  • Articulate and role-play your boardroom superpower pitch with your peers and mentor, and

  • Stay accountable in activating your network on your boardroom intentions and executing on your board search strategy.

ABOUT ATHENA | Athena is a premier women's advocacy organization that fast tracks women in STEM through leadership development. By transforming scientists and technologists into corporate leaders, the goal is to widen the bridge and advance 1 million women in STEM, by 2030. Its 20+ year history of advancing women in a global STEM hub marks Athena as a premier women’s empowerment advocate. For more information visit  and follow @athenasandiego.

ABOUT ABOVEBOARD | AboveBoard is an executive hiring platform that connects qualified executives with board and full-time opportunities. We are diversifying executive leadership by expanding access for underrepresented groups of executives—particularly Black, Latinx, and women. Our platform removes the limits of traditional executive search, by both extending companies’ networks to include more diverse talent and creating transparent access to opportunities for executives. More than 6000 executives and 400 companies are already using our platform. To learn more visit


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