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Athena Unveils

“Athena In Focus”


Athena’s Resident Diversity Expert and Clinical Psychologist

The COVID-19 global health crisis forces all of us to significantly elevate our situational awareness. Am I an “essential” employee; am I conveying my strategic value in no uncertain terms; how best can I reposition my STEM career as I navigate this unemployment crisis? In military parlance, this is characterized as... for your situational awareness (FYSA).


The demand for answers to these common questions inspired us to present: "Athena in Focus.' This members-only forum provides focused career strategies that factor in a post-COVID backdrop. Athena members will access this column by Dr. Alessandra Wall, Athena's resident diversity expert and clinical psychologist. Dr. Wall's column empowers members with timely career and personal guidance on ways to elicit your personal agency, articulate your corporate value and bring about change in a world that demands new ways of collaborative and inclusive leadership.

Athena continues to invest in ways to enrich your member experience through greater value creation. ​We invite members to access the wisdom, compassion, and expertise of Dr. Alessandra Wall as we bolster support for our STEM community in a creative and sustained fashion.

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