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Mastering Leadership Through Male Allyship

  • Is Allyship Really That Big of An Issue?

  • Roadblocks | Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  • Active Allyship | Perfect is the Enemy of Good

  • Responding to Reactivity | How to Navigate the Backlash to Allyship

  • Showing Up Consistently as a Modern Leader

The Athena Academy proudly presents its new Male Allyship Certification Course designed to strengthen men’s core leadership skills by mastering the art of male allyship. Active allyship begins by understanding the imbalances in opportunity for women across teams, business units and corporate cultures while working to correct them. This dynamic, 3-month workshop empowers men with actionable insights and data-driven strategies that spur them into effective advocates. Led by Dr Alessandra Wall, a clinical psychologist and the Academy’s founding faculty member, participants will learn to foster inclusive, engaging workplaces, expand their empathy, deepen their leadership acumen and maximize the performance of STEM women.

  • Too many organizations still miss the mark on gender equity efforts by focusing gender initiatives solely on changing women — from the way they network, to the way they lead.

  • Individualistic approaches to solving gender inequities overlook systemic structural causes and reinforce the perception that these are women’s issues — effectively telling men they need not be involved.

Without the avid support of those men serving as powerful stakeholders in most corporations, significant progress toward ending gender disparities is unlikely. The Academy’s Mastering Leadership Through Male Allyship offers a 5-track curriculum over 3 months that addresses organizational structures and cultural biases that disadvantage women while remaining committed to the success of your organization.

To modernize your workplace and foster an inclusive workplace, corporate rates are available for cohorts of 50 men or less. Contact to learn more.

Athena's Resident Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Alessandra Wall is a licensed clinical psychologist and leadership coach specializing in helping women secure the careers and success they’ve earned. Dr. Wall has been in private practice in San Diego since 2007.


Alessandra founded Life in Focus Coaching in 2013 to support the women she was serving. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology (Cum Laude) from Duke University and her Doctorate of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She is licensed by and in good standing with the California Board of Psychology. She is a co-founder and former board chair of Empower Charter School.

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"Developing a deeper understanding of the experiences of the women around you and sharpening your situational awareness will inevitably and irrevocably transform your perspective. Asking, listening, and learning in this way will benefit everything you do as an ally, as a leader, and as a man."

W. Brad Johnson & David G. Smith in the Harvard Business Review

“It was an honor to complete the Athena Academy.  It gave us many insights on things we knew, but didn't realize their bigger impacts. This helped me become a better, stronger person. I already used the principles and reached out to my VP and am now moving to a team I want to work with, next month! I hadn't even set my goal this high through the program. Thank you for making that difference!"

Padmini Raghupathi Mendiratta, Automation Lead | Qualcomm

If your company is interested in the continued development of women in STEM through the Athena Leadership Academy, contact Holly Smithson at

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